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To bring an awareness, accountability and action to the trucking industry.

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Designed to take every possible facet of driver safety into consideration.

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North American Trucking Alerts

About North American Trucking Alerts The Goal of North American Trucking Alerts is to essentially address the issues faced by Professional Drivers, creating a vital conscious awareness throughout the trucking industry and also to the general public.

North American Trucking Alerts is designed to be an all-encompassing coalition comprised of truckers, trucking companies, freight brokers, shippers, receivers, and other related components of the trucking industry.

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Awareness, Accountability, Action

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NATA recognizes that it will be up to the industry as a whole to actively acknowledge their individual responsibilities regarding driver issues which are greatly affecting, not just professional drivers, but everyone.

Accountability – Driver issues are no longer just driver problems, they are industry problems. The industry is facing a quandary, veteran drivers are leaving and new drivers are not staying. While there are numerous reasons why drivers are leaving this time-honored trade, i.e. regulations, lack of safe parking, a lack of appreciation for their skill and dedication, etc., the chief reason is that many drivers are not able to make a living wage. Drivers are people with families, lives, bills to pay, etc. who enjoy what they do, and need to make a living which represents their skills and sacrifices.

It is going to be up to each segment of the industry to step up and acknowledge their part of the driver/ industry concerns and follow through with their appropriate action. This also includes drivers themselves who will need to take responsibility for their own actions.

Those who are involved in solutions represent the true supporters of professional drivers.
Within the next few weeks, details of the website and organization will be unfolding, defining problems, solutions, and highlighting those within the industry who are moving forward with ideas and actions.

Alerts – The professional driver faces risks daily while performing their job. Besides living in a “box” and being isolated for weeks at a time, they also leave the comforts that most of us take for granted. Drivers are faced with many difficult situations as they do their jobs: severe weather, traffic, breakdowns, illness, lack of parking, idling restrictions, and many other scenarios.

It is our goal to also provide Over the Road drivers with safety alerts through smart phone communication. This much needed app is presently under state of the art development and when completed will be the “life line” for the driver, offering safety and security in multiple capacities.

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