Advisory Council


Richard Wilson

Richard Wilson

Regulation and Compliance Representative for North American Trucking Alerts.

Rich is the President and CEO of TCRG LLC – Transportation Compliance Resources Group.

Since 1976 Rich has been a driver, owner operator, small fleet owner, dispatcher, broker, fleet operations and safety manager as well as a safety & regulatory manager and consultant.

Rich writes and develops new training manuals, does on site carrier safety training programs and acts as a safety management consultant.

He is a regulatory researcher who is experienced in on-site compliance review and corrective actions. Mr. Wilson has acted as a regulatory representative for owner operators, small fleets, large fleets, as well as transportation compliance consulting for International clients. He is familiar with accident investigation, insurance loss pay and cost lost analysis.

DOT Medical

Dr. Randolph Rosarion MD

Dr. Randolph Rosarion MD

DOT Medical Advisor for North American Trucking Alerts.

Dr. Randolph Rosarion, MD is a certified medical examiner listed in the US DOT FMCSA National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners and received his medical degree from Stony Brook University School of Medicine. His medical practice, USDOT Medical Examiner is located in College Point, Queens, New York and specializes in Physical Medicine/Rehabilitation and Occupational Medicine. As a recognized leader in the field, he received the Best of Queens Award 2013 for Department of Transportation Commercial Driver License Medical Examinations.



Elaine M. Papp RN, MSN, COHN-S, FAOOHN

Occupational and Transportation Advisor for North American Trucking Alerts.

Elaine Papp spent 7 years as the Division Chief of the Office of Medical Programs at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), contributing to the relationship between medical conditions, their impact on safe operation of commercial motor vehicles (CMV) and FMCSA regulations/guidance.

Ms. Papp has a broad range of occupational safety and health experience, from private industry to international organizations.

Previously, Elaine worked for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in several capacities: analyzing legislation and writing Congressional testimony, crafting regulations and compliance assistance materials, participating in on-site enforcement inspections, and conducting presentations on behalf of the Agency.

While at OSHA, Elaine was selected for the Executive Leadership Program (ELP) and spent a few months in Geneva Switzerland working with the World Health Organization and the International Council of Nursing (ICN) as part of the ELP development program. Elaine authored the International Council of Nursing’s (ICN) “Guidelines for a Health and Safety Program for Nurses” and recently published monograph for “A Guide to Health Care Waste Management for Nurses.”

Prior to working for the government, Elaine had her own company working as an Occupational Safety and Health Consultant. She has also worked in private industry for TRW, a fortune 100 company, as a Senior Health and Safety Specialist.

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