Being in charge of your destiny benefits the entire trucking industry

DFF-Brian CarlsonHere is the next hot button topic for drivers and the trucking industry.
This deals with 1 issue. 3 parties.

1) I am fully aware of the conduct & how egregious, the castigating forms of business Shippers and Receiver’s use everyday in this country.

Its a violation of epic proportions. Its this type of business model that often places drivers into unwanted situations. Most drivers want to do the right thing. Those in power have created this serious quandary.

2) Employers that push the envelope regarding hours of service (HOS) regardless of paper logs or E-Logs.

Not all companies do this, but a great deal still do. They use guilt trips and pressure tactics to keep drivers moving, they abuse goodwill, human nature and the fact that people are generally eager to help, drivers want people to be happy with their work performance.

So people screw with drivers heads and time clocks. Leaving no reasonable way out, but to push. But knowing this. Truck drivers need to stop complaining about it, quit writing articles and posting them on Face book, expecting a pity party from the entire world, about how you, as the driver, were forced to run illegal.

If they use this tactic. And its a fact that some do. You just stand up, like a Man or Woman, and tell them, flat out NO!

If you are not in compliance you stop. No one will ever fire you for saying no. Ever. If they did, thousands of drivers would be canned daily.

You should tell trucking companies, that if they don’t enforce the rules to their Driver Managers, and inform them that you expect the company to be in compliance. If this does not stop. You will park your truck. Call for a qualified replacement for said truck.

Upon arrival of said qualified driver, you as the driver, will clean it out. And go apply with a company that abides by the rules.

*What drivers will and will not do is:

Abandoned trucks,

Use vulgar language towards company employee’s, or customers, when you feel pressured. Or have been pinched and;

Be professional at all times. Its hard I know, I’ve been there.

All parties should respect your wishes without commentary!

Then leave the company, go to where your rights, personal values, and principles will be respected.

Stand the up for yourselves. Quit posting cry baby articles about how the whole world has made truckers victims of circumstance.

Fight for change.

“The only circumstance that you are involved with. Are the ones we often create for ourselves. Because we enabled them to do it”. -DFF

You are, and should be, in control of your life, not them.

Brian Carlson



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