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Truck Drivers Health

Contact: Barry Pawelek
Work 8028 County Street 2580 Hinton OK 73047 USA Work Phone: 1-405-542-6857 Website: Truck Drivers Health
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We have worked within the transportation industry for more than 15 years as a leader in providing over the road health and wellness programs. We are the only nonprofit health and wellness foundation with a non-paid staff in the industry. We work with and are supported by donations from you, truck companies, truck plazas, truck shows and industry manufactures. 100% of all our donations goes to the distribution of our health informational packets to our over the road drivers and their families. Only with your help can we do these programs, so please donate. Our programs are administered through our Truck Stop Events Tours and our Truck Drivers Health programs as a 501 (c)-(3) foundation.

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