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Trucker To Trucker

Contact: Jim McCormack
Work 13330 State Road 17 Culver Indiana 46511 Work Phone: 800-240-5811 Work Fax: 800-240-5811 Website: Trucker To Trucker
Photo of Trucker To Trucker

Biographical Info is an online superstore for new and used trucks, trailers, parts and equipment. With today’s technology, Buying a Truck, Trailer, Parts and Equipment is possible totally over the internet. If you look at 36 digital photos, videos, and read a complete specification sheet, you will be quite confident of your purchase.

We have established ourselves as a leading low cost “high return” sales tool for selling trucking equipment. We’ve made online equipment advertising simple and inexpensive! Truckers and Dealers across the country are achieving higher returns marketing equipment through our network, using our powerful, simple to use website. Bottom line…higher returns from your trucks, trailers, parts, and equipment.

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