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North America Trucking Alerts Membership North American Trucking Alerts Pledge of Awareness, Accountability, and Action

The goal of the North American Trucking Alerts is to spread awareness throughout the trucking industry, focusing on the many issues that professional drivers encounter, which ultimately affects the entire industry.

Through the support and actions of members involved, both drivers and industry leaders, NATA aims to educate those within trucking and the general public, emphasizing the importance of the professional driver and the difficulties they face. NATA will highlight members involved in trucking who are actively contributing and taking the necessary action to help resolve vital concerns and thus working toward improving the trucking industry as a whole.

All are invited to take part in the voluntary membership pledge of North American Trucking Alerts.

1. Acknowledge the importance of the professional driver and the sacrifices they make and the challenges they face.
2. Demonstrate honesty, transparency, and integrity as part of an essential value system.
3. Dignifying “your part” of the industry and honoring the image you are displaying to others.
4. Look out for the safety, health, and well-being of the professional driver which ultimately affects the safety of the motoring public.
5. Respect one another, no matter what role, who are involved in all capacities of the trucking industry.
6. Be a positive force and role model for all those entering the trucking industry.

If you have questions regarding membership please contact one of the NATA members at 352-465-7476 or visit our Contact Page.

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Interested in being a partner in North American Trucking Alerts? Please contact one of the NATA members at 352-465-7476 or visit our Contact Page.

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