Being Responsible For Your Health on The Road


For anyone who travels, health should be a top priority, Especially for the countries truckers.   Being health conscious should be one of the top things on the list, and being aware of how your body is acting is a must, in any situation.  Not being alert to even the most minor of changes can have a drastic effect.

Truckers, among others, can be a breed of people who prefer to “tough it out” until they get home, often times having the attitude that whatever it is that is bugging them will pass eventually, and they can just continue on as normal.  This attitude can easily become a major downfall, especially if the driver does not keep in contact with family, or their individual company.  Another part of the “excuse” is that the individual feels uncomfortable having to meet with medical personnel they are not familiar with, and thereby feel that they would rather make it home and see their personal physician to take care of the problem instead.  This can yet be another critical downfall.

Granted, medical costs are high everywhere in the US, and getting in to see a doctor in a pinch, even in Canada, isn’t easy unless going directly to an emergency room. And if the problem isn’t one of strong concern, then sitting in the waiting area at the emergency room can take an inordinately long amount fo time before finally seeing a doctor. But not making the effort to seek medical help, can cost even more.

The thing is,….. if something doesn’t feel right, then taking the step to contact any medical professional, anywhere, can be just a phone call away, and making arrangements, with the understanding that you are on-the-road, could well be a life saving decision on your part. Taking a chance otherwise could lead to serious problems, or worse.

Making that 911 call if you are feeling ill should be imperative for your own safety and health.  Drive safe, Be safe, and be Health Safe.

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Hal Kiah

Hal is a 20+ year OTR Veteran driver and a 12 year military police veteran. He has also served as a dispatcher and has been a trainer for new Over The Road Heavy Haul drivers. Hal has performed “FHWA” inspections (now called DOT Inspections) . He has been instrumental in the last few years, aiding and mentoring other drivers via social media and personal communications as founder of Truck Driving Career, on Facebook and has a passion and goal of seeing that drivers are respected and recognized for their efforts and sacrifices in the trucking industry, recognizing that trucking is a Lifestyle, and not just a job.