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“The first and utmost step that needs to be taken, demonstrating our support for professional drivers, is guaranteeing their SAFETY while on the road.”

The North American Trucker Alert App has been meticulously designed to take every possible facet of driver safety into consideration and will be made available as a FREE download to everyone.

We will be offering individuals who download the app a free 1 year membership to the North American Trucking Alerts Organization ( optional). In addition, as part of the membership to the North American Trucking Alerts, vital updates will be sent to each member via email.

Companies and Organizations who wish to be a part of the North American Trucking Alerts organization and would like to take the pledge to further support drivers, are encouraged to do so.

The Vital Need

In order for a truck driver to make a living over the road, the efficient use of their time is imperative to be able to safely and effectively secure the delivery of their loads.

Considering the distance that drivers cover, it is essential that they use their time on the road efficiently, increasing their ability to get their load delivered safely as well as meet their scheduled appointments. This is vital to both the driver and the carrier since both depend and benefit financially when planning runs smoothly.

While there are a majority of drivers who prepare in proper planning as they leave to make their next run, the ever-changing conditions of the road can become an unknown factor. Situations created by inclement weather, road construction, accidents, detours from road closures, etc., can all add up to a major delay for the drivers ability to meet their on-time delivery schedule. To be able to receive notifications concerning potential delays along the route they are traveling, is invaluable as it enables the driver to make crucial changes in his or her trip planning.

Even during the times when conditions on the road are favorable, there are also considerations for stops which are needed to be made, whether it be for fuel, food, or the need to rest. Being able to find the availability or needs such as these, all from the convenience of the truck cab, can also be a time saver from out on the road.

The truck driver is key to moving all freight and eventually responsible for getting the goods to market. It is well known that there are times when a driver falls into distress, whether it be medical, personal, or whatever the case may be. Since the trucking community is known to rise to the occasion when an emergency situation occurs, affecting one of its own, notices can now be easily and effectively sent out to notify other drivers that there is a driver crisis and that assistance is needed.

Another aspect that becomes a major consideration is that the truck driver is not only hauling freight for a company, but there is also the personal side of a driver, where family and friends are concerned. Direct communication can be lost for any number of reasons, so the ability to track and locate, not just the driver, but the equipment and goods as well, also meets a very large need within the industry. With the ability of modern technology to be able to track and locate all involved, will provide peace of mind for those that depend on the driver arriving safely.

This is the goal that our trucker alerts app is looking to fulfill.


This will be achieved by incorporating a massive network of unity through Social Media and an extensive list of features on the much needed Trucker Alert App.

Just a few of the features included in the Trucker Alerts App will be:

1 – Distressed Trucker Alerts – Aiding law enforcement to locate drivers who are in distress. Many time these drivers are found ill, broke down, or sadly enough, deceased in their trucks

2 – Missing Trailer Alerts- Aiding law enforcement to locate trailers that have been reported missing.

3 – Accident Alerts- Warn drivers of possible detours or dangerous roads ahead.

4 – Low Bridge locations

5 – Weather Alerts- Warn drivers of severe weather warning such as storms and tornadoes which have taken the lives of many.

6 – Truck Stop Locations – Safe parking at truck stops and rest areas

7 – Motels with SEMI truck parking

8 – Emergency #’s and links to OSHA, Dept of Labor and other related organizations

9 – Truck Breakdown Assistance
10 – Resources for Trucking Services

North American Trucker Alerts


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