Where Has Responsibility Gone?



In an act of what can only be called Selfishness, one truck driver has gone and shown the lack of professionalism in today’s trucking industry towards others.  And this is due to what I consider, the lack of proper training, care, ignorance, consideration, one-sided-ness of some people, and the abuse that drivers in the industry have been put through over the last decade or two. And there is No call for this.

Within this last week (the first full week of January of 2016), a young (or new) driver was in need of asking another driver for assistance. All that was requested, was that the “veteran driver” (pictured above) move a few feet so another driver could complete a maneuver so that he could avoid having any problems and not have damage done to his of anyone else’s vehicle.  The other driver’s excuse for not extending a courtesy, using HIS words was, “Because your a Schneider driver, and you guys shouldn’t even be on the road! Nope, I’m not moving!” The new driver was being courteous to this “veteran driver” to the greatest extent, yet was in turn disrespected, maligned, and shunned, all because of the name of the company the new driver worked for.  I will add that the new driver just happened to catch this all on video, even where this so-called veteran driver could see it taking place, yet he made no attempt at saying, “Okay, I will move up a bit for you.”

This veteran driver has since been called out on social media, and his company contacted by any number of people, and shown the video of what took place.  The “Veteran driver” has since been dismissed from the company due to his actions, or the lack there-of.

Not so long ago, trucking used to be such that drivers helped out drivers, regardless of the situation.  Yes,… sometimes grudgingly, but still they helped one another out.  Backing into and out of parking spaces, loading docks, with breakdown problems on the side of the road, at accident scenes, adjusting (or sliding) fifth wheels or trailer tandems in order to get the weight of their load properly distributed for travel, or any other need that some drivers might have.  Today sadly, too many drivers on the road today, (including non-commercial drivers) have an “All about me” type attitude, and your needs do not qualify for them to take the time to stop and lend a hand to their fellow driver. This would not have been an accepted practice ‘back in the day’, but has since become the norm for some, and some of this also stems from today’s conditions on the road, where people have gotten to the point of not knowing if they can trust another human being to help them with a problem, because of crimes committed upon motorists by those bent on thievery or causing harm to others. In other words, a total lack of trust.

So to those who still consider themselves “professional truck drivers”, if you want to see at least some for trucking return to the way ‘it used to be’, take the time to step up to the plate, and extend a hand to help.  Take the first step in making that change, and if someone asks what they owe you for your help, just tell them to ‘pay it forward’ to another driver, and keep it going.  Small things can make a difference, and your involvement is a necessary part of that change in attitude.

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Hal Kiah

Hal is a 20+ year OTR Veteran driver and a 12 year military police veteran. He has also served as a dispatcher and has been a trainer for new Over The Road Heavy Haul drivers. Hal has performed “FHWA” inspections (now called DOT Inspections) . He has been instrumental in the last few years, aiding and mentoring other drivers via social media and personal communications as founder of Truck Driving Career, on Facebook and has a passion and goal of seeing that drivers are respected and recognized for their efforts and sacrifices in the trucking industry, recognizing that trucking is a Lifestyle, and not just a job.